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Nissan North America EV Assessment

InCharge Energy and Nissan North America are partnering to subsidize Electric Vehicle charging equipment in anticipation of the arrival of the all-new all-electric Nissan ARIYA. InCharge Energy’s history with Nissan North America includes installing and supporting Nissan North America vehicle charging in 400+ Dealers nationwide.

What Does the EV Infrastructure Process Look Like?

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Nissan North America Approved Options for Hardware

Nissan North America is funding a program that will pay for adding or replacing a DC Fast Charger, as well as additional funding for installation with one ABB 24kW or 50kW fast charger equipped with CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. Additional funding will be provided for a portion of the installation. This will enable your Dealership to fast charge vehicles for quick turnaround.

Option 1

  • ABB Terra 54
    50KW DC Fast Charger with charging connectors for both LEAF and ARIYA
  • Site consultation
  • 2 Years of In-Control, pre-paid
  • Payment module
  • 2 years of extended warranty
  • Shipping and handling

Nissan North America
is subsidizing ~$65,000 in costs.

Option 2

  • ABB Terra 24
    24KW DC Fast Charger with charging connectors for both LEAF and ARIYA
  • Site consultation
  • 2 Years of In-Control, pre-paid
  • Payment module
  • 2 years of extended warranty
  • Shipping and handling

Nissan North America
is subsidizing ~$42,000 in costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What EV charging equipment do I need for my dealership?

In order to maintain EV Certification, your Dealership must maintain 4 Level 2 chargers in the designated areas (2 if Planned Volume is less than 200). A Level 3 (fast charger) is not required for EV Certification, however, it is recommended to allow your Dealership to address the operational needs of selling LEAF and ARIYA.

Nissan North America will subsidize your choice of (1) ABB Terra 24 or ABB Terra 54 DC fast charger (with CCS 1 and CHAdeMO connectors), for your Dealership.

How much does the equipment cost?

The list price on the 24kW ABB Terra 24 is currently ~$20,500.
The list price on the 50kW ABB Terra 54 is currently ~$39,000.

Will I incur additional costs beyond the Nissan North American commitment?

You will be required to purchase a 3-year extension of the extended warranty (NNA covers the first two years). This includes preventative maintenance, and the In-Control Charger network. For the Terra 24, the cost is $4,950 and for the Terra 54, the cost is $11,225 billed out over three years. There will likely also be “make-ready” constructions costs that will vary by Dealer. 

Why is a full installation recommended?

A full installation means that the InCharge Team will handle every step of the installation process: engineering, permitting, construction, installation, and final commissioning. InCharge has experience installing EV charging equipment at thousands of Dealerships across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Can I use my own electrician?

Yes, if you prefer to work with your own electrical contractor, that is acceptable. In this situation, called a “Bolt Down” installation, InCharge allows the Dealer to follow prescribed requirements for the placement of the charging equipment and self-contracted electrical infrastructure that meets the National Electrical Code. These requirements will be sent via email to the Dealer after signing a “Bolt Down” proposal. InCharge will verify that the infrastructure was installed correctly through a review of the permit package and photographs, sent to cherice.lopez@inchargeenergy.ca. Once this review is completed, InCharge will ship the Dealer the charging equipment and send technicians to your facility to do the ‘final bolt down’: the necessary electrical connections and equipment commissioning, testing, final closeout. Dealers CANNOT use the final installation stipend of $4,000 (24kW) or $7,500 (50kW) for their own electrical contractor.

My dealership allows public access to the area where I’m installing charging equipment. Can I limit access to the EV charger?

Our software, In-Control, allows Dealers to limit access by requiring a PIN/ RFID card and/or by monetizing the station for credit card processing that reimburses the Dealer for utilization. To set up the credit card, Dealers will need to work with an independent 3rd-party company.

What is the standard warranty on the EV charging equipment?

NNA includes a two-year warranty that covers… Dealer is responsible for 3-year Extended Warranty which includes, Preventative Maintenance and In-Control Charger Network.

How do I read my proposal?

InCharge can support review of the proposal in-person or remotely.

Optional Equipment / Accessories

Yes, you can order additional equipment and accessories. We will support all your EV charging

Can I order a second charger?

Yes! We will support all your EV charging needs; however, Nissan is only able to subsidize one unit.

How to bring costs down for the installation

Installing closer to the electrical panel will be less expensive.  It is recommended that the charger go in a customer-facing area.

About InCharge

InCharge Energy, an EV infrastructure leader, brings innovative solutions to electrification. In-Charge was formed with the leadership and support of industry leaders who have over one hundred years of combined electric vehicle and charging experience, having deployed more than 20,000 charging stations. The world leader in eMobility, ABB, made a majority stake investment in InCharge in January of 2022. Our seasoned team has experience working with utilities, fleet management, OEMs, engineering and more. We provide scalable, turnkey, end-to-end commercial energy and infrastructure solutions, including planning, engineering, financing, installation, operations, and maintenance.

We offer a broad portfolio of charging stations including a variety of L2 and DCFCs, reliable manufacturing partners, preferred pricing, and certified EVSE installation kits. InCharge also offers its own proprietary end-to-end charger management platform designed expressly for fleet and charging application: InControl Software. InControl manages charging stations access control, usage data, remote management, and network operations. Our software provides load management to reduce fleet total cost of operations (TCO) and peak energy demand. InControl is built for fleets with security and reliability paramount as well as designed for scalability of fleets, facilities,
and vehicles.


If you have more questions, want to speak with a charging expert or are ready to get a site assessment, we’re here for you.