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August 3, 2021

InCharge Energy Appoints Cliff Fietzek as Chief Technology Officer

In-Charge Energy, the industry leader in turnkey commercial fleet EV infrastructure solutions, has announced the appointment of Cliff Fietzek as Chief Technology Officer. Fietzek will oversee the company’s In-Control charging network platform, charging hardware and overall technology to assure successful implementation of EV charging solutions for the company and its partners.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cliff to In-Charge Energy. He has proven through the last decade that he can develop and successfully roll out future electric mobility technology,” said Cameron Funk, CEO of In-Charge Energy. “I have known him over the course of my career and I am very excited to work together again as he spearheads the integration and implementation of our future-oriented technology roadmap. His leadership and expertise will help In-Charge continue its rapid growth in the eMobility infrastructure industry.”

In his new role, Fietzek will commercialize In-Charge Energy’s proprietary networking platform In-Control, a software solution developed exclusively for fleets and commercial customers to manage their EV charging infrastructures. In addition, he will focus on the various AC and DC charging products and energy storage solutions to support a better integration in the power grid.

Fietzek is a well-known and highly-respected authority in the EV technology space. Having recognized that the future of electrification is moving into the fleet and commercial vehicle space, he chose to work with In-Charge Energy to support the company’s goal of making commercial EV charging as ubiquitous as the country’s popular public charging networks.

“The commercial EVs are coming and now we need affordable, reliable infrastructure to support this transition,” Fietzek said. “I have always been inspired by my young kids to be part of creating a cleaner, more sustainable world. At In-Charge, I’ll have another incredible opportunity to make a difference and I’m especially excited to work with school districts and EV fleet operators on their transitions to electric mobility so future generations can benefit from cleaner air.”

Fietzek was among the first group of employees at Electrify America and Electrify Canada. In his previous role there as Sr. Director of Technology, Fietzek and his team developed all technology for the largest ultra-fast charging network, with over 600 sites and over 2,500 EV chargers. He also delivered the complete network software platform, connecting the chargers to the customer mobile app, the contact and the network operations center. Additionally, he oversaw the integration between Electrify America and the EV manufacturers providing charging services for their customers, which included the interoperability testing to ensure a flawless customer charging experience.

Fietzek started his career at BMW AG in Munich and later held the position as Manager of connected eMobility at BMW of North America, where he was responsible for all technology on the BMW i3, i8 and the brand’s plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) with a strong focus on the charging and battery second use storage applications.

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