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May 12, 2023

InCharge Energy Testing Demonstrates Extensive Interoperability Success at First Volts Event

The team also demonstrated the all-new ICE V2X charging solution recently exhibited at ACT Expo

Santa Monica, CA — This week, InCharge Energy, the leader in turnkey fleet electrification charging infrastructure solutions, participated in the Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS) in Long Beach, California, organized and hosted by the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) North America and the California Energy Commission (CEC). The InCharge team conducted successful interoperability tests with more than two dozen electric vehicles (EVs). InCharge also provided a InControl demonstration of how discharging sessions of the new V2X/ V2G chargers will be managed by the fleet networking solution that was announced in April and displayed at ACT Expo.

“As a CharIN Board Member and long-time supporter of CharIN, I was thrilled to be involved with the first-ever VOLTS event alongside our partners such as ABB, Navistar and many more,” said Cliff Fietzek, CTO of InCharge Energy. “As fleet charging experts, InCharge Energy is dedicated to ensuring successful interoperability testing with all of our vehicle customers. In the school bus example, interoperability is key to ensure that our children get to school on time, and, for commercial vehicles, interoperability is critical to delivering food that is as fresh as when it was packed or life-saving prescriptions that arrive when patients need them. It was great to see the excitement surrounding our successful first-ever V2X demonstration, too.”

This discharge session featured the all-new ICE-22 V2X charger and InControl, InCharge Energy’s leading charging management software (CMS). The ICE-22 V2X, ICE-44 V2X and ICE-66 V2X chargers and enhanced InControl platform offer the only end-to-end bidirectional charging solution for fleet customers. Announced last month and exhibited at ACT Expo, the InCharge V2X charging system provides unmatched flexibility for fleet managers to charge any V2G-compatible vehicle at any V2X charging station, while enabling fleets to be able to qualify for certain grants with V2G-related requirements. 

InCharge also participated in an exciting Plug&Charge demonstration with partners Hubject, Lucid Motors and IoTecha in which the team showcased an ISO1511-02 AC Plug&Charge session alongside the multiple DC charging Plug&Charge sessions.

The VOLTS interoperability testing symposium included more than 400 participants, with nearly 200 testing sessions over a two-day period at the Long Beach port. The symposium – the largest EV interoperability testing event of its kind in North America – is organized by CharIN North America, with support from innos, MCI, GC Green, Keysight, and DEKRA.

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