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September 2, 2021

InCharge Energy Releases Industry’s First Bi-Directional DC Wallbox Charger

In-Charge Energy, the industry leader in turnkey charging solutions for commercial fleets, today announced its first charger offering – the ICE-30 Wallbox. This all-new wallbox is the first DC fast charger of its kind with vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-building and vehicle-to-x capabilities, also known as bi-directional charging. The ICE-30 is powerful, compact and specifically designed for commercial fleets.

“We’re excited to add the ICE-30 to our growing hardware product portfolio, just as EV charging is attracting more attention due to new vehicle releases and the passage of the EV-friendly federal infrastructure bill,” said Cameron Funk, CEO of In-Charge Energy. “Our ICE-30 Wallbox charger is the perfect solution for auto dealers, fleet managers and any business in need of a fast and efficient charging option.”

The ICE-30 is a 30kW DC fast charger that is compatible with nearly all EVs, as it supports both CCS and CHAdeMo standards. It features an intuitive tempered glass touchscreen with LCD display that shows charging status, help menus and more. The user-friendly interface allows for PIN or RFID inputs and supports interoperability across backend platforms via open charge point protocol (OCPP). The bi-directional charging capability will allow a vehicle to provide energy from its battery pack to a building, onsite storage devices or the utility grid in certain markets. This can reduce costs or produce revenue for fleet managers.

For In-Charge customers who utilize the fleet-focused In-Control software platform, the ICE-30 easily connects with In-Control to automate the process of collecting EV charging data. In-Control can manage and help streamline the charging infrastructure of an entire fleet, reducing operational costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) in the process. The ICE-30 is also compatible with In-Charge Energy’s best-selling wallbox pedestal, which includes a cable management system and convenience lighting.   The latest version of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act allocates $7.5 billion for the construction of new EV charging stations – enough for approximately 250,000 stations. According to recent reports, charging stations that meet certain requirements, such as compatibility with multiple manufacturers’ vehicles, will be eligible for the new funding.

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