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May 26, 2021

InCharge’s CEO and Founder, Cameron Funk, Recently Featured in FleetOwner Magazine

In-Charge’s CEO and Founder, Cameron Funk, was recently quoted in a FleetOwner magazine article, written by John Hitch, about the projected explosion of zero-emission, heavy-duty fleet growth.

When discussing the importance of planning and acting early to develop electric charging infrastructure, and avoid significant project delays, here is what Cameron had to say:

“This problem [rush to install infrastructure] is already happening and it is certain to get worse as we approach the 2024 requirement by California and 14 other states to sell electric trucks. “Today, we are experiencing 24-month timelines for utility service upgrades. Therefore, to take delivery of vehicles in 2023, you need to start your infrastructure planning today.”

“One thing to keep in mind is that you will be coordinating with your real estate or facilities people in a way you may not have before,” he said. “It helps to understand the daily mileage and down times of your vehicles, the utility and locations of utility services on your properties and the ownership/lease information of your properties. I’d also suggest reviewing the electricity bills.”

“Grant makers are looking for ‘shovel-ready’ projects, so you should start the work now to understand how you want to use the vehicles and what infrastructure you should install.”

Click here to check out the full article!

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